Summary of reply to proposal No. 04498 (agricultural water conservancy No. 372) of the fifth session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference
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Member songfengqiang:
We have received your proposal to ensure national food security by focusing on food production. In consultation with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance, the reply is as follows:
I. about improving the modernization level of seed industry
Since 2021, the Ministry has focused on implementing the revitalization action of the seed industry, continuously increasing investment, strengthening measures, and accelerating the modernization of the development of the seed industry. First, strengthen the protection of germplasm resources. In 2021, the national general survey of agricultural germplasm resources will be launched to speed up the construction of the national agricultural germplasm resources preservation system. Second, accelerate the promotion of breeding innovation. We will start tackling key and core agricultural technologies, further promote the joint tackling of grain crop breeding, and speed up the breeding of a number of breakthrough varieties with multiple resistance, wide adaptability, high yield and high quality and independent intellectual property rights. The third is to support excellent and strong seed industry enterprises. Release the formation of crop seed enterprises, and guide resources, technology, talents, capital and other elements to gather in key advantageous enterprises.
In the next step, our department will work with relevant departments to thoroughly implement the action to revitalize the seed industry, solidly promote the protection and utilization of germplasm resources, the breakthrough of seed industry innovation, the improvement of seed industry base, the improvement of seed industry enterprises, and the purification of seed industry market, and accelerate the self-reliance and self-improvement of seed industry science and technology and the control of seed sources.
II. On strengthening policy support for grain production
In recent years, the Ministry has worked with relevant departments to continuously improve policies, strengthen support, and mobilize local governments to pay attention to agriculture and grain and farmers’ enthusiasm for farming and grain planting. The first is to implement farmers’ grain subsidies. Stabilize and strengthen policies such as subsidies for corn and soybean producers, rice subsidies, farmland productivity protection subsidies, and agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, improve the subsidy distribution mechanism, and stabilize farmers’ grain production income. The second is to increase the incentives and subsidies for large grain producing counties. The central government will continue to give awards and subsidies to grain and oil production, construction of grain storage facilities and industrial development in major grain producing counties, oil producing counties, commodity grain producing counties and seed producing counties. Third, strengthen financial and insurance support. The central government implemented the agricultural insurance premium subsidy policy for 16 varieties in three categories:planting, breeding and forestry, so as to realize the full cost and planting income insurance of the three major grain crops of corn, rice and wheat to cover the major grain producing provinces and counties.
In the next step, the Ministry will work with relevant departments to intensify efforts, innovate policies and measures, and speed up the construction of the income guarantee mechanism for grain farmers.
III. about increasing support for leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization
In recent years, our ministry, together with relevant departments, has intensified efforts to support the development and growth of leading enterprises. First, strengthen top-level design. In 2021, the”opinions on promoting the expansion and strengthening of leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization” was issued, which proposed to improve the”five capabilities” of leading enterprises, including innovative development capability, digital development capability, green development capability, brand development capability and integrated development capability. Second, increase financial support. Since 2017, the rural industrial integration project has been implemented in conjunction with the Ministry of finance, supporting more than 4000 enterprises to directly participate in the project implementation, giving play to the advantages of leading enterprises in linking farmers and markets, and demonstrating and driving the development of rural industries. Third, strengthen financial services. Jointly with the Agricultural Bank of China, it issued the guiding opinions on financial support for the development of agricultural industrialization consortia, innovated financial products and services, broadened the channels of diversified credit guarantee, guided all regions to cultivate and establish agricultural industrialization consortia, and promoted the development of leading enterprises and cooperatives, family farms, and small farmers.
In the next step, the Ministry will continue to strengthen guidance and investment with relevant departments, strengthen support for key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, and drive farmers to increase their income and become rich.
Thank you for your concern about the work of our department and hope to continue to support the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.
Ministry of agriculture and rural areas
July 26, 2022