Summary of public opinion information of the food industry in one week (7.11-7.17)
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  Food partner online news From July 11 to July 17, the public opinion information of the food industry in a week includes:”McDonald’s employees put the dropped bread back on the shelf” on the hot search; French vanilla ice cream containing carcinogens is sold to China; Beienxi (Hunan) dairy was fined 6.9951 million yuan;”Small pudding and big Pudding Ice Cream failed the sampling inspection” was hot search; Vibrio cholerae was detected in 4 turtle samples in Wuhan;”A high-end shopping mall in Beijing sells lychees for 1000 yuan and 1 jin” is popular;”Guizhou No.1 middle school was fined 65000 for 7 liang of pepper overdue” incident has progressed.
Summary of public opinion information of the food industry in one week (7.11-7.17)image
 “McDonald’s employees put the dropped bread back on the shelf” hot search
 Overview of public opinion
On July 12, the topic”McDonald’s employees put the dropped bread back on the shelf” was posted on Weibo. According to media reports, in a McDonald’s restaurant in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, customers found an employee picking up the bread that fell on the ground and putting it back on the shelf.
On July 12, McDonald’s responded via Weibo that the behavior of some employees in the video did not conform to McDonald’s operating norms, and McDonald’s was sorry for this. After receiving the feedback, the restaurant checked the monitoring and suspended the staff involved. In response to the problems in the restaurant, McDonald’s has asked the restaurant to stop external services on the morning of the 11th, and retrain and calibrate all employees to improve food safety awareness.
On the evening of July 12, the Guangzhou market supervision bureau reported the relevant investigation and disposal on the official Weibo. At present, the restaurant involved has been filed for investigation. Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau quickly interviewed the person in charge of McDonald’s in Guangzhou, as well as the operation director and the person in charge of the store. The restaurant involved has been closed for rectification by itself.
  Public opinion comments

McDonald’s employees obviously violated the rules by putting the bread on the floor back on the shelf. Through this incident, it is hoped that enterprises can bear in mind the lessons, strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, strengthen the operation training of employees, improve the food safety awareness of employees, and ensure the provision of hygienic and safe food for consumers.
French vanilla ice cream containing carcinogens is sold to China

 Overview of public opinion
Recently, it was exposed that ethylene oxide was detected in Haagen Dazs’ products sold to many countries and regions. According to the European Union food and feed rapid warning system (RASFF), on July 8, 2022, France notified through RASFF that its export of vanilla ice cream was unqualified. It was reported that in addition to being sold in France, unqualified vanilla ice cream was also sold to Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala Hong Kong, China, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, reunion, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay and Vietnam.
On July 10, the center for food safety of the Hong Kong food and Environmental Hygiene Department called on the public not to eat four types of Haagen Dazs ice cream because the relevant products were found to contain ethylene oxide, a pesticide banned by the European Union (EU).
  Public opinion comments

This storm involves many countries and regions, which will bring certain adverse effects to enterprises. You know, consumers care most about whether the food in their mouth is safe. In order to restore reputation, enterprises need to make great efforts. It is hoped that enterprises will take warning, strictly control the quality in the production process, and be responsible for the dietary safety of consumers.
  Beienxi (Hunan) dairy was fined 6.9951 million yuan
 Overview of public opinion
According to an administrative penalty information released on the website of Changsha municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, beienxi (Hunan) Dairy Co., Ltd. was confiscated of its illegal income of 1.2284 million yuan and fined 5.7667 million yuan by Changsha municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau because vanillin was detected in 1-stage infant formula sheep milk powder.
On July 11, beienxi (Hunan) Dairy Co., Ltd. issued an official statement saying that the company sincerely accepts the state supervision and has seriously completed the rectification, and is deeply sorry for the impact of this incident. Through this matter, the company was deeply aware of the loopholes in the production process and product control, and comprehensively reviewed the self-examination, and launched an investigation of the factory production process and management system with the manufacturer xinyimei nutrition Co., Ltd. It was found that vanillin was wrongly added in the premixed ingredients of base powder during the production process, resulting in the mixing of trace vanillin in the production process of this batch of milk powder. After the incident, the company has taken a series of rectification measures.
  Public opinion comments

The wrong addition of vanillin to stage 1 infant formula shows that the manufacturer has problems in production control, which deserves the attention of all milk powder manufacturers. In the production process, milk powder enterprises must strengthen their own supervision, standardize production, and ensure product compliance and safety.
 Hot search on”small pudding and big Pudding Ice Cream failed in sampling inspection”

 Overview of public opinion
On July 16, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced that in the first half of 2022, market supervision departments at all levels organized a total of 3137 batches of ice cream products to be supervised and sampled, of which 15 batches of unqualified samples were detected. Among them, two products, small pudding and big pudding, attracted consumers’ attention. The topic of”small pudding and big Pudding Ice Cream failed the sampling inspection” was posted on Weibo hot search.
It is reported that the unqualified items of the two products are protein. The logo manufacturer of unqualified small pudding cream ice cream is Dongguan Xinkai Frozen Food Co., Ltd. and the logo manufacturer of unqualified big Pudding Ice Cream is Yiwu lejiu Frozen Food Co., Ltd. It is not produced by Yili, Mengniu and other manufacturers we are familiar with.
On the evening of July 16, Yili responded through yixiaoli ice cream Weibo that”Little Pudding” was not the brand name, and the products that failed the sampling inspection were not”Yili Little Pudding” and”Yili big pudding”, but they were both called”Little Pudding” and”big pudding”. Yili ice cream is in line with national standards and can be purchased at ease.
In addition, the production enterprises involved responded to the media. Dongguan Xinkai Frozen Food Co., Ltd. said that only the label was unqualified, and the product label had been changed; Yiwu lejiu Frozen Food Co., Ltd. said it had recalled the relevant products because the company made ice cream according to the standard of popsicles by mistake.
  Public opinion comments

In essence, the protein content in ice cream does not meet the national food safety standards, and it is understandable to be notified. However, the reason why this matter can get on the hot search may be that the big pudding and the small pudding are familiar to everyone. When it comes to it, consumers naturally think of the mainstream manufacturers in the market. It is just like this that many legally operated enterprises have been affected. It is hoped that consumers can identify and choose regular and guaranteed manufacturers.
Vibrio cholerae was detected in 4 turtle samples in Wuhan

 Overview of public opinion
Recently, according to the requirements of Hubei provincial and municipal health departments, Wuhan Hongshan District has comprehensively carried out daily monitoring of intestinal infectious diseases in summer. On July 13, Vibrio cholerae (Group O139) was detected in 4 turtle samples in the aquatic products of Baishazhou market. Hongshan District quickly launched emergency response, and carried out flow control, investigation and control, environmental sampling, final disinfection and sterilization and other disposal work. At present, the shops involved have been closed for 3 days, the relevant products have been harmlessly treated, and the sampling and testing results of the contacts are negative. Vibrio cholerae detected this time did not cause human infection. According to the laboratory test of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, there is no correlation with the recently reported case of Wuhan university students.
  Public opinion comments

Cholera is an acute intestinal infectious disease caused by Vibrio cholerae, which is mainly transmitted by contaminated water, food and other ways, mainly manifested in acute diarrhea and severe vomiting. This incident did not cause human infection, but it should also arouse vigilance. At ordinary times, you must pay attention to the hygiene of diet and drinking water, wash your hands frequently, don’t eat rotten or unclean food, and don’t drink raw water.
 “A high-end shopping mall in Beijing sells litchi for 1000 yuan and 1 jin” is popular

 Overview of public opinion
On July 14, the topic of”litchi sold for 1000 yuan and 1 jin in a high-end shopping mall in Beijing” was posted on Weibo. It is reported that recently, a brand of lychee with 1049 yuan/Jin was put on the shelves in a high-end shopping mall in Beijing. According to the introduction of litchi distributors, this kind of litchi has been sold at a sky high price of 555000 yuan for its low yield and good quality. There are 16 to 18 litchi per kilogram. The price per kilogram ranges from 80 yuan to 280 yuan. If the quality is better, the price will be more expensive.
  Public opinion comments

Fruit prices are affected by many factors, such as output, labor, transportation, packaging and so on.”Sky high price” has expanded its popularity, but it has also been questioned by public opinion.”Sky high price” lychees are clearly priced, and consumers can decide whether to buy them or not. However, we should also be alert to illegal businesses that confuse the false with the true.
“Guizhou No.1 middle school was fined 65000 for 7 liang of pepper overdue” event has made progress

 Overview of public opinion
On June 27, seven liang of pepper granules in the canteen of Yangchang middle school in Nayong County, Bijie, Guizhou Province, were identified as food that exceeded the shelf life and faced a fine of 65000 yuan, causing heated discussion among netizens. The teacher said that the temporary purchase was misplaced in the old sub packaging bag, and the purchase document could be issued, and the defense to the Municipal Supervision Bureau was not adopted. The Municipal Supervision Bureau responded that the legal evidence of its procedures was sufficient, and if it disagreed, it could be subject to administrative reconsideration or administrative litigation. On July 12, Nayong County Judicial Bureau told the media that it had been involved in the investigation and the results would be announced at that time.
  Public opinion comments

School food safety has always been concerned by the society, so it should be strictly supervised. If there is a problem, it should be punished. The key point of this matter is whether the punishment of 75000 liang of pepper is too heavy. Although the school and regulatory authorities have responded, the truth is still waiting for further investigation results.

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