Sumitomo chemical launched herbicides containing fomesafen and terbutazine in Argentina
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   世界农化网中文网报道: 此前,住友化学推出了含有50%丙炔氟草胺的除草剂Sumyzin®, applied to Cruciferae Plants and some weeds in autumn and winter, with a wide range of functions. Sumitomo chemical added sumizyn to its product portfolio this year®T-Max herbicide, containing 3.8%丙炔氟草胺和50%特丁津。

Sumitomo chemical added terbutazine to make sumizyn®T-Max has become a very flexible tool, which can be used not only for wheat, but also for soybeans and corn before sowing, and has a wide control spectrum.
According to the inquiry, fomesafen and terbutazine have relevant product registration in China. The former has 76 registered products and the latter has 28. However, there is no compound registration of fomesafen and terbutazine in China at present. Tedingjin is mainly registered for corn in China. Fomesafen propionate is mainly used in cotton, peanut, soybean, etc.
In recent years, with the expansion of wheat planting area, the complexity of weed management has also increased, such as resistant grasses with a long history and wide geographical distribution, such as ryegrass, cruciferous plants of different species distributed in the south central part of Buenos Aires, parsley with ALS resistance in the south of Santa Fe, and resistant thistle in the southeast of Cordoba.
This trend leads to the inability of traditional treatment methods to control a wider range of resistant or tolerant weed species. In order to achieve the goal of clean and weed free fields, herbicides with different action modes need to be combined with other methods to ensure long-term sustainable management, so as to avoid the possibility of new resistance or tolerance to various active ingredients.
Fomesafen is a good choice, which is conducive to the rotation of active ingredients, and has a prominent effect on the pre bud residual control of broad-leaved weeds such as Cruciferae (turnip, radish), vetiver and ryegrass. The combination with terbutazine can expand the control spectrum of difficult weeds, such as cowweed, Chloris elata and horse Tang, which have become increasingly difficult to control in recent years.
These treatment methods can ensure that there are no weeds before tillering. If necessary, post bud herbicides such as MCPA can be supplemented in the treatment process; For ryegrass, special gramineous herbicides such as gyzmo can be used®。 These herbicides are products of Sumitomo chemical company.
The company also provides other herbicide products for wheat, such as azbane Maxx (48%fluoro tobacco), Kamba full, and the only dicamba (88%) preparation on the market that combines two high-quality salts (methylamine + dimethylamine), which uses dual salt technology®Technology, very low volatility. Sumitomo chemical launched two weedar full based on 2,4-D preparations®Dual salt technology is also used®Technology. This year, the company launched a new preparation, weedar Xil, based on 89%ethylhexyl 2,4-dripping acid®。 This preparation is an emulsifiable concentrate. Due to its low volatility, it is different from butyl and isobutyl, and its use is unlimited.
Sumitomo chemical said that for disease management, early monitoring must be carried out on each batch. Therefore, in case of doubt, tissue samples should be sent to the plant pathology laboratory for analysis. Avoid confusing physiological symptoms with disease spots, because such misdiagnosis will lead to the use of fungicides in advance, and then”find” misdiagnosis when there is really disease spots or rust spots pressure and fungicides are needed.