Statistics:public catering prices in South Korea rose sharply in the first half of the year
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   韩联社世宗7月17日电 在韩国物价上半年持续飞涨的情况下,与老百姓生活密切相关的外出就餐价格也大幅上涨。

According to a statistical data released by the Korean National Statistics portal (Kosis) on the 17th, the average price of eating out in the first half of this year (from January to June) increased by 6.7%over the same period last year.
Specifically, the price of beef rose by 8.5%, and the price of pork ribs rose by 7.9%; Fried noodles rose 9.1%, horse noodles rose 8.2%, sweet and sour pork rose 6.1%; In summer, ginseng chicken soup, a health preserving dish, rose by 4.4%, while cold noodles rose by 7.6%; Fried chicken rose by 8.8%, pizza rose by 8.4%, laver steamed rice rose by 9.1%, spicy fried rice cake rose by 8%, instant noodles rose by 8.6%, and coffee rose by 4.2%. In addition, the price of the canteen for employees rose by 3.5%and the price of boxed meals rose by 7.4%.
As the price of personal services such as dining out and the price of industrial products such as oil continued to soar, the price growth rate in the first half of this year hit the highest record in nearly 24 years since 1998. Although the government has recently issued a series of price stabilization policies, it is not easy for the policy to achieve immediate results in view of the large impact of external negative factors such as the rise in the price of international raw materials caused by the Russian Ukrainian war. Some analysts pointed out that the current high price situation may become the”new normal” in the future. (end)