St. Petersburg, Russia, reported the results of sampling inspection of meat and meat products in the first half of 2022
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        Food partner online news 俄消费者权益保护和公益监督局7月22日消息:该局下属的圣彼得堡地方分局对该市肉制品生产、储存及销售的企业进行监管,2022年上半年共计抽检肉及肉制品样品逾1600份:对其进行理化、污染物、微生物及寄生虫学等指标的检验检测。

Among them, the samples with unqualified microbial indicators accounted for 3.1%, and no unqualified products were detected in terms of pollutants, physical and chemical, and parasitic indicators. Transgenic, antibiotic content exceeding the standard and radioactive element unqualified samples were not detected.
The reasons for unqualified samples mainly include:unqualified storage conditions, expired products, lack of traceability information, no labels, etc.
All unqualified products are forced out of the market circulation.
The St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Federal Bureau of consumer protection and public welfare supervision also provided several suggestions on how to select meat and meat products.