Special inspection on summer food safety carried out by Hongqiao Institute of Changxing County, Huzhou City
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Since the beginning of summer this year, all kinds of summer food have entered the peak consumption season. In view of the characteristics of summer food, such as strong seasonality, short shelf life and perishable, Hongqiao Institute of Changxing County Bureau has taken many measures to carry out special rectification actions for summer food. Up to now, a total of 112 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to inspect 47 food business units, and 5 problems have been found, with a rectification rate of 100%.
First, highlight key points and strengthen supervision. Combined with the characteristics of summer diet, fried food, fried snacks, pastries, refrigerated frozen food and other products will be listed as key regulatory products, and the supervision and investigation of relevant food sales entities will be strengthened to timely resolve and eliminate potential food safety hazards, effectively rectify and standardize food business behavior, and strictly prevent food safety accidents. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic of normalized cold chain food, continue to strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food, strengthen risk prevention and control, and supervise food producers and operators to strictly implement the main responsibility.
Second, implement self-examination and strictly grasp the main responsibility. Urge the main body of the food market to carry out self inspection and self correction, strengthen the effective implementation of the food safety management system, and realize the effective monitoring of raw materials, processes, transportation and sales. Ensure that the food in the marketing process is stored according to the regulations and operated under the specified environmental conditions, and ensure that the products continue to meet the requirements of food safety standards within the shelf life. Strengthen training, improve the professional quality level of relevant personnel, strengthen the study of food business hygiene norms on the basis of continuous learning of food safety laws and regulations, strengthen the bottom line awareness of discipline and law-abiding and the moral awareness of honest production and operation in business activities, and consciously maintain the bottom line of food safety.
Third, publicity and guidance to create a good atmosphere. Guide operators to strictly control the purchase of raw materials, improve product packaging, enhance measures to avoid light and isolate air, strictly control the ambient temperature of the sales link, strictly prevent the occurrence of excessive peroxide value, acid value, total bacterial count and other indexes of food, and even mildew, corruption and deterioration, and take practical and effective measures to ensure food safety. We have carried out in-depth activities such as”you order and I inspect” and food safety publicity month to improve public awareness of food safety and rights protection, and create a good atmosphere for social co governance and sharing. So far, more than 200 publicity manuals have been distributed.