Special inspection of infant formula food was carried out in Daman area of Ganzhou District Market Supervision Bureau of Zhangye
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This special action focuses on the inspection of infant formula food business units and large and medium-sized supermarkets within the jurisdiction. 1. Check whether the qualification of the business operator is legal and whether the business license is within the period of validity; 2. Check the business operators’ demand for certificates and tickets, whether they have established and improved the purchase and sales account, whether they have the business qualification materials of suppliers and the conformity certificates of products, etc; 3. Check whether the business operators sell overdue food, whether they sell imported milk powder without Chinese labels, with Chinese label labels, with Chinese labels not standardized, and without entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificates; 4. Check whether the business operators have implemented the sales of infant formula milk powder at the special counters in the special areas, and whether there are clear signs at the special counters in the special areas; V. check whether the operators have falsely publicized solid drinks as infant formula milk powder.
Up to now, no sales of unqualified infant formula food has been found. Next, the area will continue to increase inspection efforts to protect the safety of”rations” for the healthy growth of infants and young children.