South Korea released the inspection results of the sales of spoiled milk in convenience stores
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    Food partner online news 7月15日,食品药品安全部(MFDS)发表消息称:最近因消费者对GS25自由品牌(PB)商品牛奶变质的不满,将畜产品流通专门销售商和畜产品加工商为对象,进行现场检查和产品抽检。

In this inspection, three kinds of milk products (thick banana milk, thick chocolate milk and thick strawberry milk) that consumers are dissatisfied with are selected for sampling.
In addition, 9 products produced by similar production projects were also sampled, and the microbial indicators of a total of 12 products were checked.
The inspection results showed that even though the sellers and manufacturers knew that there were problems with the products, they did not declare the recall plan to the autonomous groups under local jurisdiction, but independently recalled the products circulating in the city.
In addition, in the same category that consumers are dissatisfied with, three products (thick banana, thick chocolate and thick strawberry milk) were sampled, of which one product (thick chocolate milk) has a total number of colonies and coliform that exceed the standard. The microbiological indexes of the other 9 products are qualified.