South Korea plans to revise some contents of food standards and specifications
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On July 18, 2022, the Ministry of food and drug of the Republic of Korea (MFDs) issued announcements No. 2022-322 and No. 2022-323 to revise some contents of the food standards and specifications. The main amendments are as follows:(1) expand the scope of conditions that allow temporary freezing during the preservation of frozen food; (2) The standard of royal jelly was revised, and the standard of water and crude protein in royal jelly was re formulated; (3) The application scope of mycotoxins was clarified, and the application scope of aflatoxin in some agricultural products was modulated at the same time; (4) The list of edible raw materials has been added; (5) The limit standards and detection methods of some pesticide residues and veterinary drug residues have been added and revised, as shown in the table below (T represents temporary limit); (6) Expanded the applicable product range of the limit standard for diarrhoeal shellfish toxins; (8) Revise the terms of some contents. The feedback period of the above announcement is up to September 19, 2022.