South Korea issued the 2022 technology catalogue in the food field and the 2022 excellent technology information in the food field
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  Food partner online news On July 20, according to Korean media reports, the Ministry of agriculture, forestry, animal products and food of the Republic of Korea and the Department of agricultural technology revitalization of the Republic of Korea issued the”2022 technology catalogue in the field of food” and the”2022 excellent technology information in the field of food”.
The 2022 food technology catalogue includes 32 universitiesGovernment funded research institutionsTechnical information of 1514 food related patents. In particular, this year, functional products will be classified into human structure and function segments, making it easier for health function food enterprises with more technical needs to find new materials.
The 2022 excellent technical data set in the food field reflects the possibility and market demand of technicality, marketability and commercialization, and contains 120 potential technologies. The included technology can be linked to the original patent details through QR code to facilitate reading the details of the technology.