South Korea issued some amendments to the implementation rules of the animal products hygiene management law
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     Food partner online news 7月12日,韩国食品药品安全部(MFDS)发布了第1814号总理令,修改《畜产品卫生管理法实施规则》的部分内容,其主要内容如下:

    1. When the sterilization, sterilization or quick freezing facilities of sealed packaged animal products of the operators of animal products processing industry and edible meat packaging processing industry are insufficient, they can rent facilities from other operators.
    2. The conditions for transportation facilities when the new animal products transportation operators declare the unified transportation vehicles or ships for the food transportation industry.
    3. Fish, shellfish and other food transportation industry declaration object food is also sealed packaging, can use the same vehicle with the sealed packaging of livestock products.
    4. It is clear that when the water quality of groundwater other than tap water is checked, the water collection position should be the tap directly used at the end of the drainage pipeline for animal products slaughtering, treatment, processing, etc. when the groundwater quality standard is not met, it should not be mixed with other water, etc.