South Korea issued a notice on the application for preliminary review of the safety review data of genetically modified food in 2022
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  Food partner online news On July 18, the Ministry of food and drug safety (MFDs) of South Korea issued the”notice on application for preliminary review of safety review materials of genetically modified food in 2022″ in order to effectively conduct safety review of genetically modified food, hoping that enterprises that meet the relevant conditions can apply.
Applicants:Applicants (developers and agent companies) who have no experience in applying for safety review, enterprises who intend to apply for research and development of new protein products and other applicants.
Pre examination contents:product characteristic data, whether the data required for each examination project is prepared, whether the submitted data is appropriate, the preparation of application materials, abstracts and other data, and the introduction of submission methods.
Application time:July 18, 2022 ~ July 29, 2022.
Consultation date:expected on September 27th, 2022.