South Korea has issued a draft for comments on some amendments to the food code, and plans to revise the standard specifications of royal jelly
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  Food partner online news On July 18, South Korea issued announcement No. 2022-322, which plans to amend part of the food code, with the main amendments as follows:
  1. Expand the scope of temporary thawing of frozen food.
  2. Revise the moisture and crude protein standards of royal jelly to make it consistent with international specifications:moisture from 65.5%? 68.5%(below 5.0%for dry products) is revised to 62.0%? 68.5%(dry products below 5.0%), crude protein from 11.0%? 14.5%(30.0%? 41.0%for dry products) is revised to 11.0%? 18.0%(30.0%- 41.0%for dry products).
  3. Integrate the applicable food names in the mycotoxin limit standard.
  4. Revise the catalogue of food raw materials.
  5. Add or modify the residue limit standards of 120 pesticides such as deltamethrin.
  6. Integrate repeated limit standards in pesticides and veterinary drugs.
  7. The residue limits of three pesticides such as indomethacin in livestock products and aquatic products were newly set.
  8. Modify general test methods, etc.
The above opinions will be collected on September 19, 2022.