Singapore resumes importing poultry and its products from the Netherlands
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   Food partner online news  2022年7月21日,新加坡食品局(SFA)发布消息称,将解除对从荷兰多地区进口家禽及其产品的限制。

It is understood that on October 29, 2021, November 11, 16, 23, and 29, December 23, 2022, January 12, February 7 and 21, April 11, and May 9, Singapore faced zewold, Flemish Province, the Netherlands, arkmar and zanstad, northern Netherlands, westquatier, Groningen, Wade hook, Friesland, delondefenen, Utrecht, and twenteland, upper essel, In the northeast of frisland, the cities of frisland, Hof van Twente, upper essel, Lelystad, North Brabant and ED, heldland, deronten, Flemish, lingewal and haldweck, heldland, gorssel, Groningen, temble, elmoro, heldland, emsmend, Groningen, Temporary import restrictions will be imposed on poultry and its products in areas affected by the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in slochtren City, Groningen Province, delfzel City, Groningen Province, Nen City, Utrecht Province, Thorne and bueher City, North Brabant Province, masdrier City, heldland Province, odeva City, Utrecht Province, and barnefeld City, heldland province.
At present, the epidemic situation in these areas has been resolved, and the Singapore Food Authority said that the above import restrictions would be lifted immediately.