Singapore issues import requirements for minimally processed fruits and vegetables
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1. Minimally processed fruits and vegetables belong to processed food. Importers need to apply to SFA for registration as importers of processed food.
2. The importer shall provide supporting documents and laboratory reports.
(1) the supporting documents submitted (submitted at one time) need to prove that the imported products are produced in the places specified by the competent authorities of the country of origin. (the manufacturer’s license is verified to be correct)
(2) a report on the chemical and microbial tests of processed fruits and green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, cabbage, cabbage, etc.) should be submitted every six months. Non green leafy vegetables (such as onions, potatoes, carrots, etc.) do not need laboratory reports. The contents of the laboratory report are shown in the table below.

Importer laboratory reporting requirements

Chemical test

Microbiological test (applicable to ready to eat products, such as salads, cut fruits, etc.)

pesticide residue

• organochlorine /organochlorine

• organophosphates /organophosphates

• dithiocarbamates /dithiocarbamates

• methyl carbamate /n-methylcarbamates

• pyrethroids /pyrethroids

• total number of colonies /total Colony count

• fecal coliform

• E. coli /e coli


3. The importer shall ensure that the imported processed food complies with the standards stipulated in Singapore’s food sales act and food regulations, including labeling requirements.
4. All importers shall submit necessary documents when applying for import licenses and accept SFA inspection.