Singapore issues amendments to food hygiene regulations 2022
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On July 15, 2022, the food safety authority of Singapore issued the amendment to the food hygiene regulations 2022, with the effective date of July 31, 2022. The main contents include:(1) the provisions allowing the use of pathogen inactivating treatment substances (PRT) on meat are included in the food hygiene regulations; (2) PRT refers to”any antibacterial substance that can reduce the microbial level of food when applied to food”, including chemical and biological substances (such as organic acids, oxidants, quaternary ammonium compounds and proteins), which are usually applied to carcass and meat segmentation in the form of rinsing, soaking, spray or washing in all links of slaughterhouse or meat segmentation plant operation; (3) Allow 21 kinds of approved PRT to be applied to meat; (4) Use conditions of designated PRT:PRT can only be used for raw meat that has not been salted, salted or preservative treated, and is suitable for imported or locally produced meat.