Singapore company and its boss were fined for illegally importing fresh fruits and vegetables
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   Food partner online news  2022年7月25日,新加坡食品局发布消息,JQA Pte Ltd公司及其老板Tan Kar Jiun因非法进口新鲜水果和蔬菜,各被罚款5000美元。

In November 2020, the Singapore food agency found 362.4 kilograms of undeclared and underdeclared fresh fruits and vegetables in the goods imported by importers from Malaysia. At present, the illegal goods have been confiscated.
The Singapore food agency said that the illegal import of vegetables from unknown sources would cause food safety risks, and all food imported into Singapore must meet the requirements of the food agency and food safety standards. Only licensed importers can import food, and each batch of goods must be declared and attached with a valid import permit. Illegal import of fresh fruits and vegetables, upon conviction, can be sentenced to a fine of up to $10000, or imprisonment for up to three years.