Singapore adjusts import restrictions on poultry products in areas affected by avian influenza in the UK
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   Food partner online news  2022年7月13日,新加坡食品局(SFA)发布消息称对英国禽流感疫情发生地附近的家禽及其产品的进口实施临时限制。

Due to the H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in radlow, Shropshire, Singapore will impose temporary restrictions on the import of poultry and its products within 10 kilometers around the affected area. Poultry products that meet the requirements of the world organization for animal health (woah) for avian influenza virus inactivation and heat treatment will not be affected by import restrictions.
Poultry products exported from radlow, Shropshire before June 21, 2022 and slaughtered before June 7, 2022 will continue to be accepted for import.
In addition, Singapore lifted import restrictions on poultry and their products in Suffolk and Devon.