Shouguang Market Supervision Bureau organized a meeting on food safety situation and risk of sampling inspection and monitoring
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In order to deeply analyze the current food safety situation and comprehensively promote the special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, Shouguang Market Supervision Bureau organized a 2022 food safety situation consultation and sampling monitoring risk consultation meeting on July 27. The responsible comrades of Shouguang food safety office, the heads of six member units of food safety committee and the business departments of the market supervision bureau attended the meeting, and Shouguang agricultural and rural Bureau, development and Reform Bureau The Health Bureau, animal husbandry development center, Marine Fisheries Center and other departments and units made exchange speeches.
The meeting collectively learned the spirit of the Weifang food safety risk consultation meeting, reported the situation of food safety sampling inspection in Shouguang in the first half of 2022, conducted collective research and judgment on the problems and risks encountered in the current food sampling inspection in various fields and links, put forward countermeasures and suggestions to solve the problems, and the participating leaders summarized and commented on the key problems, The next step of food safety sampling and monitoring work was deployed and arranged.
The meeting required that all relevant departments and units should adhere to the problem orientation, further improve the targeting of sampling inspection problems, increase the sampling inspection of key varieties and key areas, and constantly improve the coverage of sampling inspection; We should strengthen information notification and the linkage of”three safety”, strengthen departmental cooperation and risk prevention and control, timely resolve and effectively dispose of existing risks and hidden dangers, comprehensively improve the level of food safety work, and fully protect the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.