Shouguang held a meeting to promote the key work of food safety
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In order to further strengthen the implementation of the key tasks of food safety in 2022 and solidly promote the in-depth implementation of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, on July 27, Shouguang municipal market supervision bureau organized and held a meeting to promote the key work of food safety in the city. The responsible comrades of Shouguang Municipal Food Safety Office and the heads of business departments of 15 member units of the food safety committee attended the meeting.
The meeting studied and implemented the”key work arrangement of food safety in the city in 2022″ of Weifang food and Drug Safety Commission, summarized the food safety work in various fields in the first half of 2022, analyzed the overall situation of food safety currently facing, and made detailed arrangements for the annual food safety work tasks and food safety work evaluation.
The meeting pointed out that all relevant departments and units should closely focus on the arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, conscientiously implement the”four strictest” requirements for food safety, adhere to problem orientation, strengthen special treatment, thoroughly investigate potential risks in various fields of food safety, firmly adhere to the bottom line of food safety, and make every effort to ensure food safety at major activities and important nodes.
The meeting required that all relevant departments and units should continue to strengthen the management of imported cold chain food, strengthen the whole process management of food and edible agricultural products, strengthen risk consultation and joint management of departments, and comprehensively consolidate the achievements of”double safety and double innovation”; We should carry out in-depth special rectification of campus and surrounding areas, group dining units, health food and other actions such as”iron fist” and”Kunlun 2022″, actively promote the intelligent supervision of the”Shandong food chain”, solidly implement the annual key tasks and objectives, and actively contribute to the full protection of high-quality economic and social development and the construction of modern high-quality medium-sized cities.