Shanghai:the total number of colonies in this batch of Chongqing noodles exceeds the standard. Have you bought it?
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  Food partner online news On July one9, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau released the 2onest issue of 2022 provincial food safety sampling information, which involves three categories of food, including dairy products, convenience food, edible agricultural products, etc. A total of one44 batches of samples were sampled, of which one43 batches were qualified and one batch was unqualified.
The sampling inspection information shows that the unqualified products are a batch of convenience food, specifically Chongqing noodles (non fried instant noodles) sold on tmall by Langyi food franchise store operated by Shanghai Langyi Trading Co., Ltd. and the manufacturer is Henan Yudao agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., and the total number of colonies detected exceeds the standard.
The total number of colonies is an indicative microbial index, which is mainly used to evaluate the cleanliness of food and reflect whether food meets the health requirements in the production process. The total number of bacterial colonies in food seriously exceeds the standard, which will destroy the nutritional components of food, accelerate the corruption and deterioration of food, and make food lose its edible value. If the total number of colonies exceeds the standard, it means that some enterprises may not strictly control the sanitary conditions in the production and processing process as required, or the cleaning and disinfection of packaging containers are not in place; It may also be related to the lax sealing of product packaging and improper control of storage and transportation conditions.
For the unqualified products found in the above sampling inspection, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau has asked the relevant district market supervision and Administration Bureau to investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its producers and operators in a timely manner, investigate and deal with them according to law, further urge the enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, and record the relevant information in the food safety credit files of food producers and operators. The investigation and handling of the case shall be made public by the district market supervision and Administration Bureau in charge of the investigation and handling of the case where the enterprise is located according to the regulations.
Nonconforming product information

Serial number Name of nominal manufacturer Nominal manufacturer address Name of sampled unit Address of sampled unit Name of online shop Network pumping platform name Food name Specification and model trademark Production date/batch number Unqualified items ║ inspection results ║ standard values classification Inspection organization remarks
one Henan Yudao Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd Industrial agglomeration area in Xi county, Henan Province Shanghai Langyi Trading Co., Ltd 上海市浦东新区康桥东路one088号one幢Done03室 Langyi food franchise store Zhejiang tmall Network Co., Ltd Chongqing noodles (non fried instant noodles) 面饼+配料one35克 面饼65克/盒 Yudao food 2022-02-oneone 菌落总数║6.3×one0⁴CFU/g,4.3×one0⁴CFU/g,5.2×one0⁴CFU/g,5.9×one0⁴CFU/g,×one0⁴CFU/g║n=5,c=2,m=one0⁴,M=one0⁵CFU/g instant food Puyan (Shanghai) Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd
(source:Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau)
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