Shanghai Customs opens a green channel to help sell fresh edible mushrooms overseas
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“Our mushroom products have very high requirements for the shelf life. With the support and protection of Shanghai Customs, our company’s export of mushrooms was not affected during this round of epidemic.” Wei Hua, manager of Shanghai fengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said with the mushroom export plant quarantine certificate. From April to June this year, the enterprise exported 68 batches of edible fungi, the same as the same period last year.
In order to fully help edible fungi and other food enterprises cope with the impact of the epidemic, Shanghai Customs launched a series of precise assistance measures. According to the export plan of agricultural products enterprises, guide enterprises to strengthen the food safety control of key control points such as the inspection and acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials, health control in the processing process, and product delivery inspection, so as to improve the quality and safety level of exported edible fungi.
Wang Zhenyu, deputy director of the import and export food safety department of Shanghai Customs, said:”while ensuring the quality and safety of exported food, we have conscientiously implemented the convenience measures issued by the General Administration of customs, such as the establishment of a green channel for the inspection of fresh and perishable agricultural and food products, accelerated the certification process, expanded the application scope of remote video inspection and embedded inspection, optimized the inspection process, and ensured rapid customs clearance.”
According to Wang Zhenyu, Shanghai Customs has also established a professional inspection and supervision team to strengthen the collection and analysis of foreign technical standards, laws and regulations and other information, pay close attention to foreign early warning, strengthen risk research and judgment, timely release relevant information to export enterprises, help enterprises comply with regulations and avoid risks, and enhance their export competitiveness.
In the first half of this year, Shanghai Customs completed the territorial inspection of exported edible fungi in 180 batches, helping 1027.1 tons of edible fungi to go abroad.