Shanghai 2022″science and technology innovation action plan” proposed projects in the field of domestic science and technology cooperation, and there are 11 publicity projects in the field of food
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   Food partner online news 7月15日,上海市科学技术委员会公示了上海市2022年度“科技创新行动计划”国内科技合作领域拟立项项目,食品领域有eleven项。&#thirteen;

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The publicity period is from July 15, 2022 to July 21, 2022.

List of projects to be approved in the domestic scientific and technological cooperation field of Shanghai 2022″scientific and technological innovation action plan” in the food field
Serial number entry name Undertaking unit person in charge
six Research and demonstration of green prevention and control technology of tea plant diseases and pests based on the conservation and utilization of natural enemies East China University of Science and Technology Wannian peak
eight Demonstration and application of high quality Ganoderma lucidum and spore powder cultivation and deep processing technology in Yunnan Shanghai Baixin Biotechnology Co., Ltd Tang Chuanhong
eleven Integrated demonstration of saline alkali tolerant breeding and eco efficient breeding technology of indigenous green shrimp in Ningxia affiliated waters of the Yellow River Shanghai Ocean University Sun Shengming
thirteen Research and demonstration of high-quality cultivation technology of wine grape based on tree shape and leaf canopy reconstruction Shanghai Jiaotong University Wang Lei
thirty-two Establishment and application demonstration of key technology system of morel cultivation in Golog Plateau Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Chen Hui
thirty-three Comprehensive technology demonstration of zero direct emission of farmland non-point source pollution in hilly areas of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Cui Naxin
thirty-four Industrialization demonstration of Lentinus edodes high polysaccharide special varieties in Yunnan Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Li Yu
thirty-five Key technology and demonstration application of high value utilization of Chenopodium yunnanensis Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences LiuChengHong
3six Innovative utilization of global tropical fruit germplasm resources Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Ye Wenwen
thirty-seven Demonstration, promotion and industrialization of water-saving and drought resistant rice in Karamay City Shanghai Agricultural Biological Gene Center Anning Zhang
thirty-nine Introduction and demonstration of new varieties of high quality japonica rice Shanghai Songjiang District Agricultural Technology Extension Center (Shanghai Songjiang District Seed Management Station) Gu Xiaofeng
(source:Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and Technology)
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