Shandong provincial market supervision bureau carried out the evaluation of the rapid detection ability of the provincial edible agricultural products wholesale market
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In order to further urge the wholesale market of edible agricultural products in Shandong Province to implement the main responsibility, strengthen the standardized management of rapid detection laboratories, improve the detection accuracy of rapid detection personnel, and continuously improve the rapid detection ability, Shandong Province comprehensively launched the evaluation of the rapid detection ability of the wholesale market of edible agricultural products in 2022.
On July 12, the first rapid detection capability evaluation was carried out in Kuangshan vegetable wholesale market in Jinan, which has a large radiation range and high daily trading volume. The evaluation team composed of technicians from the third-party inspection agency conducted a detailed inspection on the key points of the market, such as the rapid detection plan, the sampling frequency of high-risk varieties, the publicity and harmless disposal of unqualified products, the effectiveness of rapid detection reagents and equipment, and carried out the assessment of blind samples of agricultural and veterinary drugs for rapid detection personnel on site to verify the standardization and accuracy of operation. All relevant verification contents of the market are qualified. Relevant staff of the food circulation department of the Provincial Bureau and Jinan Municipal Bureau participated in the on-site evaluation.
The evaluation of the rapid inspection ability of 100 agricultural batch markets in 16 cities in the province will be completed in August. The problems found in the inspection will be fed back to the market organizers and on-site supervisors. The market will complete the rectification and improvement within the required time limit. The markets that fail to pass the rapid inspection blind sample examination will be re examined in September.