S í ldarvinslan, the largest fishery processing company in Iceland, acquired V í Sir company in Germany
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   来自SeafoodMedia 7月11日消息,冰岛最大的渔业加工公司Síldarvinnslan正在收购位于德国Grindavík地区的Vísir公司。

Headquartered in Eastern Iceland, sildarvinnslan operates oceangoing and benthic fishing vessels and processing plants. The company acquired all the equity of V í Sir company for 31billion Icelandic kroner. The company is located in the southern coastal port of grindav í K, operates longline fishing vessels and a trawler, and has its own processing production line of frozen and salted products.
V í Sir will operate as a subsidiary of sildarvinnslan, and P é tur H P á lsson will continue to serve as the company’s managing director.