Russian experts:Russian beer is increasingly conquering the Chinese and Mongolian markets
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   俄罗斯卫星通讯社莫斯科7月25日电 据相关专家对卫星通讯社表示,俄罗斯啤酒在中国和蒙古国的受欢迎度明显上升,中期来看这两个国家可能进入俄罗斯啤酒前三大进口国之列。

According to the information provided by the Information Office of the Agricultural Bank of Russia, from 2015 to 2021, the export of Russian beer to China increased by 70%, reaching 32.6 million liters; Exports to Mongolia increased by 75%to 8.2 million liters. In particular, in 2021, exports to China increased by 20%over the previous year, and exports to Mongolia increased by nearly 1.5 times (148%).
The information service quoted Andrey dalinov, director of the banking industry evaluation center, as saying:”being neighbors with these countries and the opening of Russia’s first road bridge across the Amur River, we have reason to predict that these two countries may enter the list of the top three importers of Russian beer in the medium term.”
He believes that the reason for the demand side is the overall interest in Russian food, which is more cost-effective than other countries. In addition, the popularity of Russian ice cream and sweets has also stimulated interest in Russian beer to some extent.
The press office of the Russian beer manufacturers association also pointed out that in recent years, the export level of Russian beer to China and Mongolia has been very high, and the reason why Chinese people choose Russian beer is not only better cost performance, but also related to”domestic breweries can not guarantee to meet a certain taste and quality”.
The Information Office of the association added:”for Mongolia, Russia is the largest exporter of agricultural and industrial products and food, accounting for 40%(according to the data of the agricultural export center under the Ministry of Agriculture), and the country hardly produces its own beer.”
According to the data of Agricultural Bank of China, since 2015, the export of beer and beer beverage in Russia has increased by 34%, reaching nearly 350million liters per year. In recent years, the average annual growth rate of Russian beer exports has reached 6%, and in 2021, it increased by 18%year-on-year. In terms of the country structure of total exports, the people who like Russian beer most are Belarus (32%), Kazakhstan (18%) and Georgia (11%). The bank specifically mentioned the United Arab Emirates, which accounted for only 2%of Russia’s beer exports, but its demand grew rapidly, increasing by 57%since 2015.
  Domestic market driving force
At the same time, domestic beer demand in Russia has almost stagnated. According to the data of the Information Office of the Agricultural Bank of China, since 2017, the beer consumption in Russia has increased by 1%annually. Dalinov believes that the driving force for the growth of the domestic market is fine brewed beer, because people want to taste new flavors. Therefore, small breweries with unique products are consolidating their market position. The expert believes that this”taste” trend is likely to continue and contribute to further import substitution.
Domestic beer has steadily occupied the vast majority of the domestic consumer market, with its share reaching 94%in 2021. The main production areas of beer and beer drinks (accounting for 34%of the total output) are Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Tatarstan and St. Petersburg. The proportion of imports in total consumption is very small, about 6%; The main import source countries of Russian malt beer are Germany (42%), Czech Republic (10%) and Lithuania (9%).
In 2021, the per capita consumption of beer and beer beverages in Russia was about 56 liters. According to the Agricultural Bank of China industry evaluation center, the consumption of beer in Russia will increase to 8.3 billion liters in 2022, or 57 liters per capita. In 2021, Russia produced 8billion liters of such products.