Russia informs the information of unqualified sampling results of imported pet food
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       Food partner online news  俄罗斯联邦兽医和植物卫生监督局官网7月15日消息:该局在对进口到俄罗斯的宠物食品进行抽检检测过程中发现,部分产品配料成分不合格,参考如下:

Rabbit meat components were not detected in”mutton rabbit ear” and”duck rabbit ear” products of dog food originated from China (European hare:Oryctolagus cuniculus).
Russian officials stressed that the supervision of feed from third countries should be strengthened in an all-round way, but subject to the influence of resources and other factors, the Russian Animal Husbandry Bureau cannot ensure the effective control of each batch of feed, so importers need to control the quality and safety of imported products by themselves.