Russia can help China make up for the gap caused by the decline of other countries’ pea exports to China
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   俄罗斯卫星通讯社莫斯科7月12日电 俄罗斯农业部联邦农工综合体产品出口发展中心(AgroExport)的调研显示,俄罗斯对华出口干豌豆的前景非常好,俄罗斯能够帮助中国弥补其他国家对华豌豆出口下降所带来的缺口。

The survey pointed out that according to ITC trade map data, in 2021, China became the world’s largest importer of dried peas, accounting for 26.8%of the world’s total exports, with an import volume of $755.2 million. Due to the decline of global production, high prices, and the reduction of exports from Canada and the United States, China’s Dry Pea imports fell by 17.4%year-on-year in the first five months of 2022. Canada and the United States are the first and fifth largest source countries of China’s dried peas, respectively, and their exports to China fell by 32%and 96.1%respectively.
The Federal Agricultural Industrial Complex Product Export Development Center of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture said in its research that in 2021, Russia became the second largest exporter of dried peas in the world after Canaan University. Last year, Russia supplied $372.7 million worth of dried peas to the global market, more than double that of 2020. In 2021, Russia’s exports accounted for 18%of the world’s total exports of dried peas.
“It should be noted that China is one of the major importers of dried peas in the world, and the prospect of exporting dried peas to China is very good,” said the Federal Agricultural and industrial complex product export development center of the Russian Ministry of agriculture in its research
In 2021, Russia’s agricultural exports to China fell by 13%to US $3.549 billion. In 2021, China accounted for 9.8%of Russia’s agricultural exports.
In 2021, the export volume of Russian agricultural products was US $36.036 billion, an increase of 22%, and the EU ranked first among importing countries (US $4.681 billion, accounting for 13%of the total export volume). On April 1, Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said that Russia would not export food to unfriendly countries that imposed sanctions against Russia against the background of Russia’s special military operations against Ukraine. There are currently 48 countries on the list.