Rentianheng research group of College of agriculture, Sichuan Agricultural University has made progress in the study of distant hybridization of wheat and rye
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Recently, the Ren Tianheng research group of the Department of smart agriculture, College of agriculture, Sichuan Agricultural University has made new progress in creating new germplasm resources by using wheat rye distant hybridization. By means of chromosome engineering, the 1RS chromosome arm of white rye endemic to China was introduced into the wheat genome, and a new set of 1RS was created 1BL translocation is rt1054. This group of translocation lines showed strong resistance to stripe rust. Through genetic analysis, it was found that the gene controlling stripe rust resistance should be a dominant single gene on the introduced 1RS chromosome, which was temporarily named yrrt1054. This study provides important breeding materials for the further utilization of rye resources in wheat disease resistance breeding, and proves that the genetic diversity of rye disease resistance genes can be introduced into the wheat genome through distant hybridization, so as to expand the genetic diversity of wheat disease resistance genes.
The research was published as a cover paper with the title”development and characterization of new wheat rye 1RS? 1BL relocation lines with high resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp.tritici” in the internationally renowned journal”phytopathology” in the field of plant pathology.