Redeployment of key work, further promotion of demonstration creation, and Comprehensively Strengthening the bottom line of food safety — the semi annual meeting of food production supervision in Langfang was successfully held
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On July 22, Langfang municipal market supervision bureau held a half year working meeting of the city’s food production supervision, implemented the work deployment of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the Provincial Bureau, comprehensively summarized the work carried out in the first half of 2022, arranged and deployed the key work in the second half of 2022, deeply promoted the creation of food safety demonstration, and steadily promoted the successful completion of all work. Ding Weidong, director of the food production department of the provincial market supervision bureau, and Comrade Liu Xujie, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
At the meeting, the county (city, district) bureaus listened to the half year work report on food production supervision in 2022, exchanged new practices and summarized good experiences; In combination with the actual situation of supervision, in view of the difficulties encountered in the in-depth promotion of the special action of”guarding, inspecting and protecting” and the work of building a city, the backbone of supervision in the city actively gave advice and made every effort to overcome difficulties.
The meeting deployed four key points, steadily carried out risk and hidden danger investigation, and implemented effective risk prevention and control; We will steadily carry out special rectification of key products and eliminate potential problems in a timely manner; Steadily carry out personnel training and assessment, and constantly improve personnel safety awareness; We will steadily carry out the special action of”inspection and protection” and stick to the bottom line of food safety.
The meeting strengthened the”three advances”. Comrade Liu Xujie stressed that the supervision of food production should firmly grasp the general idea of”high-level deployment, strong promotion, strengthened support, standardized promotion, focusing on the key, joint governance, promoting development and ensuring safety”, and profoundly put forward the”three advances”, that is, deepening the special work of”inspection and protection”, and taking this special action as the primary task in the field of food safety this year, The supervision and inspection shall cover all categories and formats without blind spots; To deepen and promote the key work of the half year, we should strengthen the supervision of key products, enterprises and regions, implement credit supervision, and earnestly and continuously implement the main responsibility; To deepen and promote the establishment of food safety demonstration cities, we should take the successful establishment of national food safety demonstration cities as the goal, adhere to the bottom line of food safety and consolidate the foundation of food safety.
At the end of the meeting, Ding Weidong, director of the food production department of the provincial market Bureau, highly affirmed the food safety supervision work of our bureau, and stressed that we should attach great importance to the food safety supervision work, and the supervision departments at all levels should take food safety as the primary work of market supervision; We should clarify the implementation of the two responsibilities, adhere to the”bottom line, high line and red line”, recognize the food safety situation, and establish and improve the”risk list, responsibility list and measure list”; We should clarify the division of powers, deepen the investigation of risks and hidden dangers, find problems in time, prevent and control risks and eliminate hidden dangers; We should actively deal with it. For complaints, public opinion reports, spot checks and tests, we should control them in time, respond quickly and deal with them decisively; We should take multiple measures at the same time, fight a combination of punches, establish a department coordination mechanism, and achieve effective and unimpeded information; We should serve the development of enterprises, innovate supervision means, and constantly optimize the business environment and promote the high-quality development of enterprises by using special rectification, credit supervision and intelligent supervision.