Quality infrastructure”one-stop” service helps Zhangjiajie berry tea industry develop in high quality
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On July 19, three quality experts from the province who participated in the”quality expert enterprise trip” activity in Zhangjiajie went deep into Yongding District to guide the quality brand construction of berry tea industry. Relevant principals of Zhangjiajie Market Supervision Bureau and Yongding District market supervision bureau attended.
The expert group visited sanjiaguan Township and maoyanhe town in Yongding District and visited the berry tea industrial base and production and processing plants. In Zhangjiajie maoyanhe Investment Co., Ltd., the expert group listened carefully to the person in charge of the enterprise’s introduction to the development of berry tea industry, understood in detail the difficulties and problems existing in the quality brand construction of the enterprise, guided the construction of quality infrastructure such as strengthening quality management, standards, certification and accreditation, intellectual property construction, inspection and testing, and put forward an effective plan to strengthen the quality brand construction for the enterprise on the spot.
In 2021, Yongding District was awarded the first batch of”one-stop” service pilot districts and counties of quality infrastructure by Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and the berry tea industry was included in the key construction projects of quality infrastructure. There are 101 agricultural enterprises, cooperatives and other new agricultural business entities engaged in the planting, processing and sales of berry tea in the region, including 11 provincial and municipal leading enterprises, forming an industrial development model of”building bases in villages and towns, cooperatives in villages and villages, households engaging in industry, and everyone being a shareholder”. At present, Yongding District has developed an area of 106000 mu of berry tea, and has built two 10000 mu of berry tea towns, We have cultivated berry tea as a leading characteristic industry of”one district, one special” and achieved remarkable results.
Next, Yongding District will seize the opportunity of the”one-stop” service pilot of quality infrastructure, highlight the brand construction of berry tea quality, strengthen the foundation with quality, seize the market with brand, and further promote the high-quality development of berry tea industry in the whole region.