Qingyang Xifeng District Market Supervision Bureau guides the standardization, upgrading and transformation of school canteens
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According to the design drawings, combined with the actual situation, and in accordance with the requirements of the detailed rules for the examination of food business licenses in Gansu Province (Trial) and the food safety operation specifications for catering services, the staff guided the canteens to be transformed and upgraded one by one. Focus on the setting of functional areas and the layout of process flow in the kitchen; Treatment of ceilings, walls and floors in food processing areas; Cleaning and disinfection of tableware; The cold dish room and special facilities and equipment put forward opinions and suggestions. The staff of Longdong University expressed their gratitude for this advance guidance service, and believed that the”advance guidance” service implemented by the market supervision bureau of Xifeng District, Qingyang City, which is a convenient measure for the people and enterprises, helped them avoid detours, avoided the waste of human and financial resources caused by unreasonable design, facilities and places that do not meet the standards, blind transformation and other problems, and reduced the operating cost. It is hoped that the staff of Xifeng District Market Supervision Bureau of Qingyang City can continue to follow up and guide in the later stage, so as to ensure that these canteens can be upgraded and put into use on time and with quality.
Next, the market supervision bureau of Xifeng District, Qingyang City will continue to further promote the”prior guidance” service of food business license, provide more professional guidance services for market players, help enterprises reduce operating costs, further help optimize the business environment, and serve the high-quality economic development of the whole region.