Qingdao Licang District market supervision and Administration Bureau announced the notification of typical cases of violations of the”eight no” behavior in the prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemic
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Su Shengji big pelvis fast food restaurant in Licang District
Existing problems:the”Shandong cold chain” is not used, and the”three specialties” management is not implemented.
All imported cold chain food production and operation enterprises should strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, seriously implement the measures of reporting 24 hours in advance, cooperating with centralized supervision, entering the special warehouse of centralized supervision for detection and disinfection, using”Shandong cold chain”, asking for certificates and tickets, storing in different areas, bright code sales, and the epidemic prevention and control of cold chain food in the province, and strictly prohibit the production and operation of imported cold chain food without legal procedures and unknown sources.
Remind the general public that when purchasing imported cold chain food, they should take the initiative to scan the code to query the traceability information of imported cold chain food, so as to ensure safe consumption. Citizens are welcome to report to the local market supervision department for illegal food businesses such as unlit code sales and incomplete tickets. The reporting phone number is 12345.