Qingcheng Market Supervision Institute of Qingcheng County, Gansu Province has a sword against”ice cream assassins”
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During the inspection, the law enforcement staff in the jurisdiction emphasized the combination of administrative law enforcement and law popularization education, popularized the relevant laws and regulations of”clearly marked price and prohibition of price fraud” to the relevant business managers, and investigated and dealt with the acts of deliberately violating the relevant provisions of clearly marked price according to law.
Qingcheng market supervision department expressly requires the market operation managers within their jurisdiction to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of clearly marked prices, operate in good faith according to law, and actively regulate the legal business behavior. At the same time, remind consumers that when purchasing summer hot food, in case of unclear price, incomplete price, and mismatched goods labels, they can ask and prompt employees in time, or call 12315 to complain and report, so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to the law.