Qianjiang”Lobster Festival” opened, adding five new standards to the whole industry chain of shrimp and rice
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On June 25, the 13th Hubei (Qianjiang) Lobster Festival and the 6th shrimp rice industry Expo opened in Qianjiang. Panniansong, member of the Party group and chief engineer of the provincial market supervision bureau, attended the event and released the latest achievements in the development of Qianjiang shrimp rice whole industry chain standards. The main principals of the standardization department and the Provincial Institute of standards and quality participated in the activity.
In recent years, Qianjiang City has closely focused on expanding and strengthening the whole industrial chain of shrimp and rice, giving full play to the leading role of standards, focusing on standardization, and fully promoting the construction of a standard system for the whole industrial chain of shrimp and rice that integrates scientific research demonstration, breeding of improved varieties, healthy breeding, processing and export, catering and entertainment, cold chain logistics, e-commerce, and brand culture, strictly according to standardized production, circulation, operation, and management, At present, 169 standards have been implemented in the whole industry chain.
The five standards released this time, including the rules for crayfish e-commerce transactions and distribution, the guide for the construction and service of catering benchmarks of”bright kitchen and bright stove”, the specifications for the circulation, packaging and labeling of aquatic products, the technical specifications for crayfish pond breeding, and the guide for leisure travel in charming shrimp Township, are the provincial and local standards and group standards newly prepared in the past year. Qianjiang City adheres to standard innovation and leads the upgrading and development of the whole industrial chain of shrimp and rice according to the goal and needs of the development of shrimp and rice industry. It has innovated 28 provincial local standards and group standards, improved the Qianjiang shrimp and rice standard system, and constantly made new steps in the high-quality development of shrimp and rice industry led by standards.
After the opening ceremony, pan niansong and his delegation made an in-depth investigation on the construction of the demonstration area for the standardization of the production technology of the local specialty Chinese herbal medicine Rhizoma Pinelliae, emphasizing the need to realize the transformation from experience to technology, promote the construction of the whole industrial chain as a whole, and strive to be the”leader” in the standardization management of the production of Chinese herbal medicine in the province.