Promoting governance with cases — strengthening the supervision of rural pork market in Lixin County
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In order to deepen the special action of”observing the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety”, strengthen the quality and safety supervision of pork sold in the market, Lixin County promotes the treatment with cases, strengthens the handling of illegal cases of pork management in rural areas, and strictly prevents unqualified pork from entering the market.
First, comprehensively clean up and standardize the qualification of rural pork business entities. Adopt the inspection method of”horizontal to the edge and vertical to the end”, carry out full coverage inspection on all pork operators in the jurisdiction, and severely crack down on unlicensed and unlicensed operations;
Second, clarify the key points of inspection. With the market as the key place and the rural market as the key period, it is important to check whether the pork sold by pork self-employed households have inspection and quarantine bills (two tickets) and African swine fever test reports, and whether they are stamped with inspection and quarantine seals (two chapters), so as to strictly control the inflow of pork without”two certificates, two chapters and one report” into the market.
Third, put publicity and education into supervision and law enforcement. During the inspection of law enforcement, the law enforcement officers patiently publicized the food safety laws and regulations to the operators, requiring the operators to purchase the products of the regular designated slaughterhouses, so as to obtain certificates and tickets, strictly control the purchase of pork, and prohibit the sale of pork slaughtered privately and indiscriminately, so as to ensure the traceability of pork sources and quality safety.
Fourth, the combination of prosecution and punishment forms a deterrent. Since this year, 920 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to inspect 77 markets, 1036 pork operators, 40 groups of pork quality supervision and sampling inspection, 1 unlicensed operator has been banned, 103 kg of pork without inspection and quarantine certificate has been confiscated, 16 cases of selling pork without inspection and Quarantine have been investigated, 5 cases have been closed, and the fines and confiscations of 93000 yuan have been made public in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions on the publicity of administrative penalty information in market supervision and management, Play the role of exposing a batch and frightening a piece.