Professor wangchunhua’s team from the school of pharmacy of Binzhou Medical College found a new alpha glucan from sea urchin
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Recently, the team of Professor wangchunhua from the school of pharmacy of Binzhou Medical College published a research paper entitled”structure elucidation and antitumor activity of a water soluble polysaccharide from microorganisms pulcherrimus” in the top journal of carbohydrate polymers (if 9.38) in the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Binzhou Medical College is the first communication unit. Professor Wang Chunhua, Associate Professor Zhao Feng, Associate Professor Ma Li of Yantai Stomatological Hospital of Binzhou Medical College, the Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical College, is the corresponding author. Jiang Yan, a graduate student with a master’s degree in pharmacy, is the first author. Du min, a graduate student, Shang Zhipeng, and Lu Xinyue, an undergraduate student have made important contributions to the completion of this thesis.
Polysaccharide is the most abundant biological macromolecule in nature. Its significant biological activity, no obvious adverse reactions, good biocompatibility and degradability make it have a broad application prospect in the fields of biomedicine, engineering materials, food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and so on. However, the types of monosaccharides, linking methods and positions, branching degrees, chain conformations and other factors make polysaccharides have more complex structures than nucleic acids and proteins. Therefore, the fine structure characterization of polysaccharides is a major challenge in the study of polysaccharides. The fine structure of sea urchin polysaccharide was analyzed by hpgpc-malls, HPAEC, methylation GC-MS and other chemical, spectroscopy, oligosaccharide sequencing techniques. It was confirmed that it was a new alpha glucan, which had the following characteristics:(I) there was a linear glucan main chain, and every four sugars had a single glucose or single glucuronic acid side chain; (II) oligosaccharide sequencing showed that the glucose side chain and glucuronic acid side chain were alternately arranged to form a highly homogeneous polysaccharide structure; (III) it can induce g2/m and sub-G1 phase arrest of human cervical cancer HeLa cells; Apoptosis was induced by up regulating bax/bcl-2 expression ratio; (IV) it can significantly inhibit the proliferation of HeLa transplanted tumor in athymic nude mice, with the highest tumor inhibition rate of 76.6%.
The polysaccharide has good water solubility, no obvious toxic and side effects on experimental animals at high dose (80 mg/kg), high safety, and has the prospect of developing into anti-tumor drugs. The research was granted one patent (Patent No.:zl2016111566303), and the research achievement”innovation of key preparation technology and functional research and application of sea urchin polysaccharide” won the third prize of Shandong Provincial Science and technology progress award.
Relying on the key research office of”prescription effect and clinical evaluation” of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and Shandong Ocean Engineering Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, this work has received major scientific and technological innovation projects in Shandong Province (2019jzzy011104), key projects of the Provincial Natural Science Foundation (zr2020kb015), National Natural Science Foundation (81703391), youth and entrepreneurship team projects in provincial colleges and universities (2019-063) Supported by the special program for independent innovation and achievement transformation of Shandong Province (2014cgzh1316).
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