Professional institutions predict that Norwegian salmon prices will continue to decline in the third quarter
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   来自SeafoodSource 7月21日消息,2022年三文鱼价格飙升,新鲜和冷冻三文鱼的平均价格都远高于正常水平。根据挪威统计局公布的数据,2022年初,新鲜挪威三文鱼的价格为每公斤68.38挪威克朗(约合6.77美元),而冷冻三文鱼的价格为59.02挪威克朗(约合5.86美元)。

Salmon prices remained high in May, with fresh salmon prices reaching a peak of 108.21 Norwegian kroner (about $10.72) per kilogram. Since then, salmon prices have remained at a high level, but recent data from the NASDAQ salmon index showed that salmon prices began to decline, and the 12 week average showed that salmon prices fell by 12%.
At present, the NASDAQ salmon index is priced at NOK 95.73 per kilogram (about US $9.84), while the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics’ fresh salmon price is NOK 90.29 per kilogram (about US $8.94), and the Frozen Salmon price is NOK 101.63 per kilogram (about US $10.07).
It is expected that salmon prices will continue to fall from July to September. By the end of July, the price will fall to 89.00 Norwegian kroner (about $8.81), and in September, the price will fall to 76.20 Norwegian kroner (about $7.55).
Paul t. Aandahl, a seafood analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Association, pointed out that it is typical for salmon prices to weaken in late summer and autumn. Generally, in late summer, salmon supply will increase, while demand will decrease due to European holidays, so prices will fall. Compared with the first half of the year, the export volume in the second half of the year also increased.
Statistics Norway shows this trend. Historically, salmon exports increased every year in August and peaked in September. Paul t. Aandahl said that on average, the export volume of the past 10 years will increase by about 20%in the second half of the year compared with the first half of the year. We expect the same to happen this year. Under normal circumstances, the increase in sales will also lead to a decline in prices in the second half of the year.
According to the prediction of fish pool, the salmon price will reach the lowest level in September. According to the data of fish pool, the past price also reflects the same trend. With the increase of supply, the price tends to decline in July, August and September. At present, the price of salmon will drop from the current high of 108.21 NOK (about $10.72) per kilogram to 76.20 NOK (about $7.66).