Poland released the special inspection report of candy products in 2022
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On July 12, 2022, the Polish Bureau of agriculture and food quality inspection released the special inspection report on candy products in 2022. In 2022, a total of 109 confectionery production and operation enterprises were inspected in Poland, including 71 sales stores and 38 production enterprises. The main results are as follows:(1) sensory characteristics, sensory evaluation was carried out on 98 batches, and no violations were found; (2) 144 batches of physical and chemical indicators were inspected in the laboratory, of which 7 batches had problems (4.9%), and violations such as non-compliance with the declaration of sugar content, low net weight and fat content, and excessive ash content were detected; (3) The labels of 240 batches were verified, and 40 of them were found to be incorrect (16.7%), the main problems were the failure to provide the product name, the failure to list all ingredients (including the ingredients of composite ingredients, such as”margarine”), the failure to arrange the ingredients in descending order, the use of false additional/voluntary information (such as”using natural colorants”, and the ingredients of the product did not declare any colorants), etc.