Poland released the quality inspection report of concentrated food and vinegar in 2022
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On July 11, 2022, the Polish Bureau of agriculture and food quality inspection issued the 2022 quality inspection report on concentrated food and vinegar. In 2022, Poland inspected 131 entities (including 94 stores and 37 production enterprises), and the products include:concentrated dessert food (jelly, pudding, jelly, cake powder and cream concentrated food, concentrated food for meals (soup and sauce) and vinegar. Among them, 64 batches of concentrated food were tested by sensory examination, and no abnormalities were found; The laboratory tested 64 batches of concentrated food and found no abnormalities; The label examined 247 batches, including 145 batches of concentrated food and 102 batches of vinegar, of which 15 batches (6.1%) were found to be unqualified, including 10 batches of concentrated food (6.9%) and 5 batches of vinegar (4.9%). Main problems:the product name (on the front of the package) does not mention the form of concentrated food (such as powder, etc.), the content of main ingredients (cream) is not marked in the name of concentrated sauce food, the words and graphic marks of”containing natural ingredients” are used on pudding containing pigments, and apple vinegar is illegally declared as”non GMO”.