Philippines plans to formulate honey standards
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On July 12, 2022, the Philippine Bureau of agricultural and fishery standards issued the draft honey standard and solicited opinions from the public. The main contents of the standard include the scope of application and product classification, terms and definitions, composition requirements (no food additives and other foreign substances shall be added), production and processing requirements (the processing process shall not cause changes in honey composition and quality damage, the unique pollen and other components shall not be removed through filtration or homogenization process, and the honey crystallization shall not be eliminated through chemical or biological methods) Product physical and chemical standards and quality requirements (moisture content < 20%, fructose and glucose content < 60%, sucrose content < 5%, insoluble substance content:non pressed honey < 0.1mg/kg, pressed honey < 0.5mg/kg), final product health standards (lead content < 0.1mg/kg), product packaging, transportation and labeling regulations, sampling standards and detection methods, etc. The feedback period of the draft is 6 months.