Pests were detected in 6 batches of soybeans to be exported to China in the coastal border region of Russia
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      Food partner online news  俄罗斯联邦兽植局滨海边疆区和萨哈林州地方分局7月15日官网消息:该局在对拟输华的大豆进行植物检疫控制过程中,在6批次重达360吨的产品中检出检疫性有害生物:豚草以及杂草(广布野豌豆和藜)。俄FSBI”滨海地区间兽医实验室”鉴定证实上述结果属实。

Ragweed is included in the list of quarantine pests in China, and the infestation of grain and grains by weeds does not comply with China’s plant quarantine regulations.
The Russian Animal planting bureau made a decision to ban the export of infected soybeans to China.