Open a new mode of food production risk classification and comprehensively improve the market supervision efficiency of Tougou District, Beijing
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  Food partner online news In order to further strengthen the supervision of food production enterprises and promote the classified management of enterprise credit risk, Beijing Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau has comprehensively upgraded and carried out the classified management of food safety risks of production enterprises in accordance with Beijing’s work requirements on strengthening risk classification management and improving supervision efficiency.
The risk classification of food production enterprises originally took”static + dynamic” risk scores as the evaluation elements. Among them, the static risk score reflects the category of food produced by the food production enterprise, the size of the enterprise, the consumption population, etc; The dynamic risk score reflects the maintenance of enterprise production conditions, process control, management system operation and other conditions determined by the market supervision department through supervision and inspection, supervision and sampling inspection, responsibility interview and other work. For the first time, the”credit risk score” is included as an evaluation element in this risk classification work, and the credit classification results and scores are generated by collecting various data of the credit index system of food production enterprises. Finally, the enterprise risk classification is determined through the scoring of the three dimensions of”dynamic + static + credit”.
According to statistics, there are 11 continuing food production enterprises in Mentougou District, of which 2 were rated as grade A, 4 as grade B, 3 as grade C and 2 as grade D in this year’s risk rating work. The District Bureau summarized and analyzed the classification situation, determined the key areas, key industries and key enterprises for supervision, and guided food production enterprises to actively improve and improve the level of production process control according to the risk classification results, comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, implement the main responsibility, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.
In addition, on the basis of this work, the District Bureau established the”food production safety credit file” of Mentougou District for the first time, constructed a new hierarchical and classified supervision mechanism based on credit, further optimized the allocation of supervision resources, and implemented the inspection system of high-risk enterprise system.
This time, the risk classification of food production enterprises has increased the scope of indicator monitoring through statistical analysis, making the indicator system more comprehensive and objective; It is a new exploration and practice of continuously optimizing and iterating according to the actual supervision, constantly supplementing and collecting data indicators related to enterprise credit risk. Next, the market supervision bureau of Mentougou District will continue to strengthen the construction of food safety credit files of food production enterprises, comprehensively improve the supervision efficiency and serve the local people. (contributed by Beijing Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau)