One week international animal epidemic dynamics – 367 (July 7 – July 13)
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   African swine fever
  1. 匈牙利发生16起野猪African swine fever疫情
  7月7日,匈牙利通报索博尔奇、索特马尔、贝拉格州等4地发生16起野猪African swine fever疫情,18头野猪感染死亡。
  2. 意大利发生7起野猪African swine fever疫情
  7月8日,意大利通报皮埃蒙特大区发生7起野猪African swine fever疫情,7头野猪感染死亡。
  3. 罗马尼亚发生1起野猪和2起家猪African swine fever疫情
  7月8日,罗马尼亚通报雅洛米察县等2地发生1起野猪和2起家猪African swine fever疫情,1头野猪感染死亡,5头家猪感染,3头死亡,2头被扑杀。
  4. 俄罗斯发生1起野猪African swine fever疫情
  7月8日,俄罗斯通报伊万诺沃州发生1起野猪African swine fever疫情,8头野猪感染死亡。
  5. 德国发生1起家猪African swine fever疫情
  7月11日,德国通报下萨克森州发生1起家猪African swine fever疫情,7头家猪感染死亡,1817头被扑杀。
  6. 摩尔多瓦发生1起家猪African swine fever疫情
  7月11日,摩尔多瓦通报斯特勒舍尼区发生1起家猪African swine fever疫情,10头家猪感染死亡,29头被扑杀。
  7. 拉脱维亚发生16起野猪和1起家猪African swine fever疫情
  7月13日,拉脱维亚通报斯克伦达市等3地发生16起野猪和1起家猪African swine fever疫情,18头野猪感染死亡,3头家猪感染死亡,1457头被扑杀。
  avian influenza
  1. 挪威发生8起野禽H5N5亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月7、13日,挪威通报斯瓦尔巴群岛发生8起野禽H5N5亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,11只野禽感染死亡。
  2. 挪威发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月13日,挪威通报斯瓦尔巴群岛发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,1只野禽感染死亡。
  3. 西班牙发生8起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月7日,西班牙通报加泰罗尼亚自治区等3地发生8起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,8只野禽感染死亡。
  4. 德国发生9起野禽和1起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月7、12日,德国通报下萨克森州等4地发生9起野禽和1起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,25只野禽感染死亡,1.5万只家禽被扑杀。
  5. 南非发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月8日,南非通报东开普省发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,1只野禽感染死亡。
  6. 美国发生4起野禽和11起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月8、11日,美国通报明尼苏达州等5地发生4起野禽和11起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,4只野禽感染死亡,194.7万只家禽被扑杀。
  7. 英国发生41起野禽和1起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月8日,英国通报英格兰和苏格兰等2地发生41起野禽和1起家禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,47只野禽感染死亡,8只家禽感染,6只死亡,20只被扑杀。
  8. 比利时发生7起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月11日,比利时通报东弗莱芒大区发生7起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,11只野禽感染死亡。
  9. 瑞典发生3起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月11日,瑞典通报哥德兰省发生3起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,5只野禽感染。
  10. 芬兰发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月12日,芬兰通报南芬兰省发生1起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,1只野禽感染死亡。
  11. 荷兰发生38起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情
  7月12日,荷兰通报格尔德兰省等4地发生38起野禽H5N1亚型高致病性avian influenza疫情,77只野禽感染,65只死亡,167只被扑杀。
  Other animal epidemics
  1. A classic swine plague occurred in Brazil
On July 6, Brazil reported that a classical swine plague had occurred in Ceara Province, with 16 pigs infected, 14 dead and 12 culled.
  2. An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease type O occurred in Mozambique
On July 7, Mozambique reported an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease type O in Tete state, with 881 cattle infected.
  3. Six outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease type O occurred in Algeria
On July 7, Algeria reported that six outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease type O occurred in three places, including umbouaji Province, and eight cattle were infected.
  4. A foot-and-mouth disease epidemic occurred in Zimbabwe
On July 7, Zimbabwe reported that an undetermined outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease occurred in East mashonaran Province, with 36 cattle infected.
  5. An epidemic of equine infectious anemia occurred in Hungary
On July 7, Hungary reported an epidemic of equine infectious anemia in Perth state, and a horse was culled due to infection.
  6. Two outbreaks of Newcastle disease in Spain
On July 8, Spain reported two outbreaks of Newcastle disease in Andalusia Province, 37000 sheep and poultry were infected, and 200 died.
  7. An epidemic of covid-19 virus infection occurred in the United States
On July 8, the United States reported that a COVID-19 covid-19 infection occurred in the zoo in Pima County, Arizona, and a squirrel monkey died of the infection.
  8. 29 outbreaks of nodular dermatosis in Thailand
On July 11, Thailand reported 29 outbreaks of nodular skin diseases in sejunphu and other three places, with 51000 cattle infected and 6515 dead.
  9. A wild bird West Nile fever outbreak occurred in Germany
On July 12, Germany reported that a wild bird West Nile fever epidemic occurred in anhart, Saxony, and a Wild Owl died of infection.