Observe the bottom line, check hidden dangers and ensure safety. Beijing Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspection on special food
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In the past few days, Beijing Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau has carried out full coverage inspections on more than 3000 special food business units in the region, guarding the bottom line of safety, investigating potential risks, standardizing market order, and effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
On July 18, the law enforcement officers of Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau came to Beijing Hualian Wuyi shopping center. On the counter of infant formula milk powder in a mother and baby products sales store on the second floor of the mall, all brands of formula milk powder were arranged in order from 1 to 3. Law enforcement officers randomly selected some formula milk powder and came to the front desk to scan the bar code, and then retrieved the purchase and sales records of the brand formula milk powder for comparison.
In the special sales area of health food in the store, the warning board with white characters on the green background on the shelf clearly indicates that”health food is not a drug and cannot replace drugs to treat diseases”. Law enforcement officers came forward to check the labels on the outer packaging of goods one by one,”now there are a wide variety of health food on the market. If you want to quickly identify whether the health food is formal, you can identify the ‘little blue hat’ on the outer packaging of health food.”. According to the law enforcement officials, the so-called”little blue hat” is a health food logo approved by the former Ministry of health and the State Food and drug administration, which is divided into two categories:the word health food and the word health food. The approval number of the health food will be marked below the”little blue hat”. Each document number corresponds to only one product. Consumers can log in to the website of the State Administration of market supervision to inquire about the real situation of the product.
Subsequently, law enforcement officers came to a drugstore in Songzhuang town to focus on checking whether the health food was stored in special counters, whether there were illegal advertisements that explicitly or implicitly indicated that the health food had the function of disease prevention or treatment to the elderly and other specific consumer groups, and whether there were false or misleading commercial propaganda.
It is understood that Tongzhou District has more than 2400 health food business units, more than 450 infant formula milk powder business units, and more than 80 formula food business units for special medical purposes.”In recent days, we have conducted a full coverage dragnet inspection of more than 3000 special food business units in the region, focusing on the management system of business enterprises, the purchase and sales channels of products, the signs and warnings of sales counters, the business training and physical examination of employees, and supervised businesses to strictly abide by and implement various regulations.” Luzongli, chief of the special food safety supervision and management section of Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau, said. Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to pay attention to the key marks and functional ingredients on the outer packaging of products when buying health food, and make rational purchases. At the same time, they should pay attention to asking for and keeping consumption vouchers. When they find illegal acts or their own rights and interests are infringed, they should complain and report to the market supervision department in time.