Notice on food safety supervision and sampling inspection information of Zhejiang market supervision and Administration Bureau (issue 21, 2022)
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Recently, Zhejiang provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau organized sampling inspection of food processing products, edible oil, oil and its products, condiments, meat products, dairy products, beverages, convenience foods, biscuits, cans, quick-frozen foods, potatoes and puffed foods, candy products, tea and related products, alcohol, vegetable products, fruit products, fried food and nut products, aquatic products, starch and starch products, cakes, bee products 330 batches of samples of 22 kinds of food such as edible agricultural products. According to the national standard for food safety, 328 batches are qualified and 2 batches are unqualified (see the annex). Unqualified items involve microbial pollution, quality indicators are not up to standard, etc. The details are as follows:
I. microbial pollution
Hangzhou agricultural and sideline products logistics center Zhejiang food market fengchangqing food firm sold the nominal sauce produced by Lin’an Ahai condiment factory, and the total number of colonies did not meet the provisions of national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Ningbo Customs technology center.
II. Quality indicators are not up to standard
The alcohol content of yinpu bayberry wine (pure wine) (prepared wine) produced by Zhejiang Wenzhou yinpu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. sold by Zhejiang tuxin Trading Co., Ltd. on Taobao (online store) does not meet the express standards and quality requirements of the product. The inspection institution is Zhejiang Zhengyi Inspection Center Co., Ltd.
For the unqualified products found in the sampling inspection, our bureau has instructed the relevant municipal market supervision departments to investigate and deal with them according to law. Require the market supervision departments in Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other places to urge food production enterprises to find out the flow of products, recall unqualified products, and analyze the reasons for rectification; The market supervision departments in Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other places are required to urge the relevant units in the food business sector to immediately take measures such as taking off the shelves to control risks. The above municipal market supervision departments shall announce the risk prevention and control measures to the public within 7 days from the date of issuance of the notice, and report the verification and disposal to the Zhejiang provincial market supervision administration within 3 months and publish them to the public.
It is hereby notified.
Zhejiang provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau

July 15, 2022