Notice of Shaanxi provincial market supervision administration on the sampling inspection of food safety supervision in the first half of 2022 (issue 22, 2022)
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In the first half of two0twotwo, our province completed and published threeonetwonineseven batches of food sample supervision and sampling results. three0sevensixfive batches of all tested items were qualified and fivethreetwo batches were unqualified, with an overall pass rate of nineeight.three0%. The qualification rate of bulk food remained basically stable, including health food, egg products, cocoa and roasted coffee products, dairy products, sugar, special dietary food and other six categories of food sampling qualification rate of one00%; The sampling inspection qualification rates of onenine categories of food such as condiments, quick-frozen food, beverages, edible oil, grease and their products, food processing products, meat products, cans, bean products, biscuits, alcohol, convenience food, bee products, fruit products, tea and related products, candy products, cakes, starch and starch products, cold-frozen drinks, fried food and nut products are ninenine.eightfour%, ninenine.eightfour%, ninenine.sixeight%, ninenine.sixfour%, ninenine.sixone%, ninenine.fourthree%and ninenine.onenine%respectively ninenine.oneeight%, ninenine.0six%, ninenine.0four%, ninenine.0one%, nineeight.ninenine%, nineeight.nineseven%, nineeight.eightseven%, nineeight.eight0%, nineeight.seventhree%, nineeight.sixeight%, nineeight.fivefive%, nineeight.threethree%, all higher than the overall pass rate (see the annex for the results of various food supervision and sampling inspection).
From the perspective of unqualified items, the main problems are the residue of agricultural and veterinary drugs exceeding the standard, the use of food additives beyond the scope and limit, and microbial pollution, accounting for threesix.eightnine%, oneeight.onesix%and oneseven.nineeight%of the total unqualified items respectively.
In response to the problems found in the above supervision and sampling inspection, market supervision departments at all levels have taken measures to investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, urge producers and operators to seal up, remove from the shelves and recall unqualified products, find out the causes of the problems, resolve risks in a timely manner, strengthen the daily supervision of unqualified food production and operation enterprises, strengthen the tracking and sampling inspection, and prevent and control food safety risks.
It is hereby notified.
Shaanxi provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau
July onefourth, two0twotwo
Summary table of various food supervision and sampling results in the first half of two0twotwo
Serial number Food category Sample sampling quantity/batch Quantity/batch of qualified samples 不Quantity/batch of qualified samples Sample qualification rate
one Health Food three three 0 one00.00%
two Egg products fifty-seven fifty-seven 0 one00.00%
three Cocoa and roasted coffee products one one 0 one00.00%
four dairy five0four five0four 0 one00.00%
five sugar ninetwo ninetwo 0 one00.00%
six Special dietary food one one 0 one00.00%
seven condiment oneeightthreesix oneeightthreethree three ninenine.eightfour%
eight Frozen Foods sixone0 six0nine one ninenine.eightfour%
nine Drinks onetwosixsix onetwosixtwo four ninenine.sixeight%
one0 Edible oil, grease and their products eightfourfive eightfourtwo three ninenine.sixfour%
oneone Processed grain products twothreethreeone twothreetwotwo nine ninenine.sixone%
onetwo meat product one0fourfive one0threenine six ninenine.fourthree%
onethree can onetwothree onetwotwo one ninenine.onenine%
onefour Bean Products eightfivefive eightfoureight seven ninenine.oneeight%
onefive biscuit one0six one0five one ninenine.0six%
onesix liquor eightthreefive eighttwoseven eight ninenine.0four%
oneseven instant food four0five four0one four ninenine.0one%
oneeight Bee products ninenine nineeight one nineeight.ninenine%
onenine Fruit products threeeightnine threeeightfive four nineeight.nineseven%
two0 Tea and related products onesevenseven onesevenfive two nineeight.eightseven%
twoone Candy products threethreethree threetwonine four nineeight.eight0%
twotwo Cakes and Pastries two0fourseven two0twoone twosix nineeight.seventhree%
twothree Starch and starch products eightthreesix eighttwofive oneone nineeight.sixeight%
twofour Frozen drinks sixnine sixeight one nineeight.fivefive%
twofive Fried food and nut products sixsix0 sixfournine oneone nineeight.threethree%
twosix Edible agricultural products oneonefoursixeight oneoneonenineseven twosevenone nineseven.sixfour%
twoseven Vegetable products eightonenine sevenninethree twosix ninesix.eightthree%
twoeight Catering food threeone0eight twoninenineseven oneoneone ninesix.fourthree%
twonine Aquatic products sevensix seventhree three ninesix.0five%
three0 Potato and puffed food three0one twoeightseven onefour ninefive.threefive%
total threeonetwonineseven three0sevensixfive fivethreetwo nineeight.three0%