Notice of Qingdao microalgae Industry Association on Soliciting Opinions on the group standard of fresh Spirulina (green microalgae Zi [2022] No. 3)
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Relevant units and experts:
According to the measures for the administration of group standards of Qingdao microalgae Industry Association, the project was approved by Qingdao microalgae Industry Association, and the group standard of fresh spirulina, which was drafted under the leadership of Yantai Coastal Zone Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has completed the draft for comments. Now it is open for comments, and all relevant units and individuals are sincerely invited to put forward valuable comments and suggestions on the above standards.
The deadline for Soliciting Comments on the standard is August 20, 2022. Please feed back your comments to Qingdao microalgae Industry Association before the deadline.
Contact:Xing Lihong, Tel.:0532-85836348, email:[email protected]
Annex 1:Group standard for fresh Spirulina (Exposure Draft)
Annex 2:instructions for the preparation of group standards for spirulina fresh
Annex 3:Group standard consultation form
Qingdao microalgae Industry Association
July 21, 2022