Notice of Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on the unqualified sampling inspection of 25 batches of food (issue 20, 2022)
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Recently, the Guizhou provincial market supervision bureau organized food safety supervision and sampling inspection, sampling catering food, tea and related products, fried food and nut products, egg products, starch and starch products, condiments, bean products, instant food, bee products, pastries, alcohol, grain processing products, meat products, dairy products, sugar, edible agricultural products, edible oil, grease and its products, vegetable products, potatoes and expanded food Among the 1956 batches of 23 categories of food such as aquatic products, fruit products, candy products and beverages, 25 batches of 5 categories of food such as catering food, convenience food, food processing products, edible agricultural products and fruit products were unqualified. The unqualified items involve the total number of colonies, fenthion, isosalifos methyl, imidacloprid, chlorpyrifos, thiamethoxam, enrofloxacin, lead (calculated by Pb), acid value (calculated by fat), anionic synthetic detergent (calculated by sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate), etc. See Appendix 1-4 for details of this sampling inspection of food safety supervision.
Guizhou provincial market supervision bureau has instructed the local market supervision department to immediately organize the inspection and disposal of unqualified food found in sampling inspection, find out the flow direction of products, and urge enterprises to take measures such as taking off shelves and recalling unqualified products to control risks; Handle violations of laws and regulations in a timely manner according to law; At the same time, the risk prevention and control measures taken and the verification and disposal shall be made public to the public and reported to the Provincial Bureau.
It is hereby notified.
July 27, 2022