Ningbo market supervision department carried out special food safety inspection on”Pizza Hut” stores
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July 20
Media exposure”Pizza Hut” two stores in Beijing
There are problems in replacing labels of expired food raw materials
Problems such as long-term non replacement of cooking oil
As soon as this news comes out
Ningbo market supervision department immediately launched an inspection
The inspection results will be released today
Let’s see
Special inspection of”Pizza Hut”
According to the unified deployment of the State Administration of market supervision and the Zhejiang provincial market supervision bureau, the market supervision departments in Ningbo immediately organized surprise inspections of”Pizza Hut” stores within their jurisdiction. As of July 22, a total of 93 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 43 relevant stores have been inspected, 4 problems have been found and 4 have been rectified.
During the period, law enforcement personnel focused on the purchase inspection, certificate and ticket claim, account records, tableware disinfection, health certificates of employees and other aspects of”Pizza Hut” stores, focusing on whether there were violations of food safety laws and regulations such as tampering with food labels, using expired food, and not regularly changing cooking oil, and interviewed the heads of each store on site to urge the stores to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety.
According to the inspection, the polar components of cooking oil in Pizza Hut stores exceeded the national standards and used expired food raw materials. All stores recorded the replacement date and polar components of cooking oil. However, it was also found that some stores had poor kitchen hygiene, disordered items, damaged kitchen access doors, and unrecorded calibration of oil measuring instruments. Law enforcement officials have ordered them to make corrections within a time limit.
In addition, the market supervision department also conducted a surprise inspection on the”KFC” stores, and the sampled stores did not find the same food safety risks as those exposed by the media. Next, the market supervision department will continue to follow up and do a good job in the follow-up disposal work, and make full use of daily inspection, online inspection, media supervision and other means to investigate potential food safety risks, so as to effectively ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of citizens.